Marine Plant & Vessel Hire

Marine Specialists operate a range of specialised marine plant and vessels including:

  • 21 Tonne Long Reach excavator fitted with Trimble 3DGPS (17m Reach)   
  • 35 Tonne Long Reach Excavator fitted with Trimble 3DGPS (21m Reach)
  • Eight Ravestein C-4084 pontoon units with 16m hydraulic spud legs
  • Mini tug “Marine Bravo” – 8m twin engine road transportable Tug with 3 Tonnes bollard pull and P4 License
  • 8m RIB “Marine Delta” 200 H.P. with P4 License
  • 6.5m RIB “Marine Alpha” 150 H.P. with P4 License
  • 5 Tonne Mini tracked Crawler Crane (With full SLI unit)
  • Underwater Rock breaker
  • Hydraulic dredging pumps for moving sand silt and gravels.
  • Selection of Hydraulic Winches, pumps and hydraulic power packs

The C-4084 pontoon system is very versatile and can be configured according to requirements. The pontoon units are available with 600mm x 16m Spud legs. With a standard configuration the eight pontoon units give a total barge size of 12.2m x 19.5m. This gives a maximum deck capacity of 176 Tonnes. The C-4084 pontoon units are fully Rod transportable and due to the Ravestein locking system are extremely stable for a wide range of uses. We have used this system for a wide range of projects including dredging, piling, site investigation works, bridge inspections, demolition and general harbour works. This pontoon system is available to hire and can be configured to suit customers’ requirements.

Our long reach Machines are fitted with 3DGPS digging systems and ensure a high level of accuracy for dredging, trench excavations, mooring installations, rock breaking, piling and any works where detailed design drawings can be supplied and uploaded to the machines GPS .

We can supply a number of work boats with experienced and qualified personnel. All of our vessels carry department of Marine Licences and have operated in the UK under the MCA codes of practice.

Due to the integrated nature of our equipment and services we can offer a cost effective, high quality service for any marine project.

Please view our Gallery and Project List for more information and examples of how our equipment can work for you.