Engineering & Underwater Inspection

Marine Specialists have supplied a wide range of engineering services and solutions to many sectors within the Marine Industry. We can supply in house qualified engineering staff for in water inspections of bridges, waterside structures, reservoirs, dams, pipeline and cable installations. We can supply detailed engineering reports including CAD drawings, underwater video and still photographs where required.

We can provide a range of underwater inspection tools including Tritex underwater thickness gauge and Bathy corrometer.  Due to the integrated nature of our services we are in a position to supply plant and equipment to allow for access in locations where other companies must seek to hire in equipment, including supply of vessels, barges and access platforms. 

Even in the most technically challenging environment Marine Specialists can deliver a solution.

We have supplied underwater engineering solutions for a range of projects including:

  • Offshore Windfarm Scour Protection
  • Offshore windfarm cable installation & protection
  • Bridge repair and bridge scour protection
  • Pile repairs and modifications
  • River and coastal protection
  • Marina installations and mooring systems
  • Piling projects
  • Dredging and rock removal
  • Pier deck replacements
  • Grout pumping and pier stabilisation
  • Outfall design and installation
  • Corrosion control design and installation
  • Underwater screed and shutter design
  • Temporary works design
  • Pipe and cable river crossings
  • Consulting services for Civil engineering and demolition projects