Ferry Slipway

Project Details

Strangford Ferry Infrastructure Upgrade Works

Dawson Wam

Extension to the toe of existing slipway & installation of new finished surface

March/April 2016


The works consisted of:

  • Clearance and levelling of seabed at toe of existing slip
  • Breakout and removal of existing slipway toe to a depth of 12m
  • Installation of foundation for slipway extension.
  • Placement of sewer rings to create intermediate level
  • Installation of finished slipway level to a minimum of 200mm
  • Completion on time within environmentally sensitive time frame

Marine Specialists Equipment

  • 25t 360° excavator
  • 6No CP4084 pontoons
  • Mini Tug vessel – Marine Bravo
  • Barge based Dive Spread
  • Screed frame
  • 3t Lifting bags


The timing of the works in Strangford was extremely sensitive due to the proximity of the slipway to an Artic Tern nesting site. All works, including temporary works had to be complete prior to the commencement of the nesting season. Marine Specialists Ltd completed the works in advance of the deadline, in spite of a number of revisions and advancments.

Ferry Slipway
Ferry Slipway

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