Marina Installation

Marina Installation

Project Details

New marina installation

Inland and Coastal Marina Systems, Poralu Marine 

Phased removal of existing marina and installation of a new 212 berth bespoke marina throughout the three basins 

June 2016-March 2017


The works consisted of:

  • Excavation of the trench
  • Installation approximately 622m of 250mm Ø plastic pipe
  • Supply of ballast weights (concrete collars)
  • Installation of ballast weights on outfall pipe
  • Preparation of diffuser bed with Reno Mattresses
  • Installation of stainless steel diffuser in 4m of water 420m below MHWS
  • Connection of the outfall pipe to the diffuser
  • Backfill and profiling of excavation

Marine Specialists Equipment

  • Pontoon barge consisting of 4 No Ravensitne steel pontoons
  • TMC 680m Knuckle Boom Crane
  • 20ft Works container
  • Burning & welding equipment
  • Support vessel Marine Worker

Marina Installation
Marina Installation
Marina Installation

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