About Us

Marine Specialists will provide your business with a safe, professional, reliable service. Its Managing Director, John McKeown, has been involved in the Marine Sector for over twenty years. All our staff have a huge level of experience across the marine sphere in areas such as salvage, underwater construction, dredging, pipe laying, inspection, demolition and many specialised marine projects. We aim to provide an innovative, versatile approach to any surface or underwater operations.

The marine environment is one of the toughest places on earth to successfully carry out any work. We fully understand this and can provide the staff, equipment and the experience to ensure your project is successful.

Call us now on 051 562 061 and our expert staff will discuss your requirements in detail.

Cape Clear Island Video

L&M Keating contracted Marine Specialists Ltd to supply diving services for the installation of the Foundations and key works associated with the installation of a 950 tonne Caisson Block in Cape Clear Island Co. Cork. MSL also designed, supplied and installed a temporary mooring system. MSL also supplied crew and vessels for the inshore tow, temporary mooring and de ballasting of the block onsite.

Unloading Excavator from Boat Video

This video shows Marine Specialists unloading a Komatsu Tracked Excavator from a boat.

Dredging Video

This is a short video on Marine Specialists dredging.

Diver Burning Using Broco Underwater Cutting System

In this video you will see Marine Specialists divers working underwater. The video includes footage of underwater welding.